AutoPayPlus early​ loan payoff service lowers the cost of a car, RV, home, or anything else you borrow money to buy with bi-weekly loan payments.

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Save thousands on your mortgage and owe less on your car at trade-in time.

With just one small change - making a 1/2 payment every other week (a bi-weekly loan payment plan), you can save thousands on mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit cards. 

US Equity Advantage® (USEA) has helped hundreds of thousands of people all across America pay off their debts faster and save money on interest payments, approximately $29 million in total.  You don't have to change your lifestyle to reach your financial goals. 

The numbers speak for themselves.

By simply paying half your regular mortgage payment every two weeks, you’d save $31,000 in interest on a 30-year $250,000 mortgage at 4% APR. Plus, you’d also be mortgage free 4 years earlier!  

Paying your loan every two weeks can make a big difference to your bottom line.  See the infographic for the benefits of a bi-weekly mortgage on an average American home. 

Bi-weekly Term and Interest Savings on a Mortgage


With AutoPayPlus you can:

Debt Free Faster

Become debt free faster
Save Thousands in Interest

Save money in interest

Build Equity More Quickly

Build equity more quickly
Improve your Credit Score

Boost your credit score
Owe less at trade-in 

Always pay your loans on-time

Ensure on-time payments

Biweekly Loan Savings Calculator

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